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Buy Region Land

All operations will be carried out using local currency. Currency can be bought via paypal or through exchange in second life.

Full Region Land 65000 SQM 15000 Prims 1 USD Or 250 S$ Or 250 L$ Per Month

Full Region Land 3x3x65000 SQM 15000 Prims 3 USD Or 750 S$ Or 750 L$ Per Month

Full Region Land 5x5x65000 SQM 15000 Prims 5 USD Or 1250 S$ Or 1250 L$ Per Month

Load Oar File 10 USD Or 2500 S$ Or 2500 L$ Per File

How to buy your region at Alife Virtual.

Step 1 Create your account and login in world. Details: How To Get Started

Step 2 Open the map and choose the region you like to buy and teleport there.

Step 3 Buy your currency. Details: Buy Currency

Step 4 Buy your region by click right on land and click buy land.

How to renew your region at Alife Virtual.

Step 1 Open map and visit the region AFRODITA or LEVENTICA.

Step 2 Choose the package you like for renewal 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

For any help please contact Sorin Todys in world.